"T3 - T4" Sarah Lewtas 2008

Installation Piece, Sarah Lewtas
From "Syrinx Series I - XII" By Sarah Lewtas
Installation Piece by Sarah Lewtas
Installation Piece by Sarah Lewtas
‘T3-T4’ is a series of 3 short films, Installations and works on paper inspired by a period of illness three years ago caused by an underactive thyroid. The symptoms of this illness included changed states of consciousness where time and the significance of day to day events were altered. The medical term for this state of mind is myxodema madness.

Sarah says "I felt trapped in time on occasions and compelled to catch up with myself over and over again; I also experienced auditory hallucinations where sound and time slowed down".

The artist has used themes that have stayed in her mind from that time, and using simple editing techniques she has tried to recreate a sense of displacement. "I use clips of the lake where I walked regularly during my illness and recovery interspersed with re-enactments of some of the strange or obsessive things that preoccupied me at that time".

"The Syrinx series is taken from this same lake, and named after the mythical nymph who transformed herself into water reeds to escape from Pan. This word also describes the voice box of birds and the pipes which Pan in turn made out of Syrinx’s reeds".

"All the work in the exhibition relates both to the journey out into illness and to the meditative process of recovery, which always connect to water in some way.
Odd things took on a profound significance, Knickers laundered by a friend because I had no clean ones, the minutiae of existence usually discarded all came to represent the secrets of the cosmos."